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Trees Today offers a dedicated and professional tree transplanting service for both commercial and private clients.

Trees Today supply, deliver and install mature trees. We deliver to most places in Australia and we guarantee our trees will reach you in a healthy and excellent condition.

We credit our success to 25 years of experience and our dedication to the care and well-being of the trees. To dig out a mature tree, lift it out of the ground and crane it on to a truck, transport it to a new home and establish it in it’s new surroundings takes a lot of skill and precision.

Trees Today’s success and reputation rests with our management of the 4 critical phases of transplanting. Together with our extensive knowledge base, great care and effort is invested into the process, resulting in minimal stress and set back of the relocated tree.

  •     Transplanting
  •     Transporting
  •     Installation
  •     After care

Beware of some common mistakes;

  • No drainage provided in heavy soil resulting in the tree drowning.
  • Incorrect soil medium used to backfill around root ball, can cause fungal issues.
  • Burying the tree, meaning too much soil above the root ball and around the trunk. This is the most common mistake made and results in the slow demise of the tree.
  • Flood watering is not our recommend watering method. We like to use a slow release drip-system that penetrates slow and deep into the root-ball.

After Care is the other critical factor. Like any plant you plant, the first few months are the most important and if nurtured correctly in that period the transplanted tree is set up for a healthy, dynamic life.

2x Date aplms in ground


Trees Today can source a tree(s) that meet your requirements and relocate it from its original place directly to your site. This will eliminating the need to off-load the tree twice, store it and relocate again, saving you or your company considerably. This A – B relocation, is efficient and embraced by many of our clients. Amongst them award winning company’s such as Ark Designs, Oceanic Designer Homes and many more through the years.