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Trees Today buys mature palms and trees from private gardens as well as from commercial plantations from anywhere in Australia. If they meet out requirements we will happily pay good money for a good tree.



Dragon Tree /Dracaena-draco/

Dracaena_draco photo

European Fan Palm /Chamaerops-humilis/

European-Fan-Palm Photo

Senegal Date Palm /Phoenix-reclinata/

reclinata-palm photo


Trees Today are essentially interested in these categories;

  • palms or trees featured above
  • plantation grown palms or trees (palms and trees grown in formation with the intention of selling)
  • a unique and rare tree
You might have one of these trees that you are interested in selling
 do you know where there are some?


  • are you able to send us photos of the tree(s)
  • have you checked out our “wanted trees”
  • is the tree(s) on your property

If you have answered YES to the above questions, the next step for you is to contact us via email.

Please attach photos indicating the different aspects of the tree(s), the size (a person standing next to it is a good way) the location and any additional information you think might be helpful for us to assess the tree(s), the site and the location.

We thank you for your interest and will get back to you soon.


  • you will get paid in cash/eft before we dig, a price agreed to by both parties
  • we carry all the necessary insurances
  • we re-instate the site, leaving it neat and tidy
  • we identify and locate any services before we dig