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Trees Today is a dedicated trees transplanting company that has been BUYING SELLING and MOVING mature trees for about 25 years.

Stuart Courtenay, the founder of Trees Today, has worked in the landscape and earthmoving industry all his life and has earned a reputation as one of the top tree transplanters in the country.

Trees Today offers a rare service that combines the right equipment together with Stuart’s hands on and absolute professional approach to the delicate process of transplanting and transporting mature trees from one location to another guarantied successfully.


Trees Today was born out of “Australian Landscapes & Earthworks” that Stuart started in the early 90’s.
Having prior experience within the landscape industry with transplanting trees and with the necessary equipment, the work with developers and landscape businesses took off. This rapidly developed into the main stay of the business and in 1999 Trees Today was founded.
At that time the demand for palms in the landscaping industry was at its peak, conversely there was large volume of un-wanted palms in private gardens. This merged into a perfect win-win situation where Trees Today would remove the unwanted trees and relocate them directly to clients at a great price. This was the trend for many years. As it happens with trends- they come and go – and so began the age of the Architectural trees.
This was on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland so native coastal Pandanus trees were in high demand as were Frangipani trees, especially the ever green Singapore Frangipani and at one point they made up around 90 % of our sales. We collected hundreds of beautiful Frangipani specimens up to 5 meters in height and width from all corners of Queensland.

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These trees can now be seen and enjoyed in public places  like the Emporium in Brisbane, the Tennyson Tennis Centre in Brisbane, Hasting Street re-furbishment in Noosa and many other developments and private homes through out South East Queensland and beyond.

Trees Today’s  focus is on buying, selling and re-locating outstanding specimen trees such as European fan palms, Senegal date palms, Frangipanis and Dragon tree. This now sees us traveling across Australia operating Trees Today.